Dadu-Ethiopia travel report April 2017

At the end of April, we, board members of the Sunflowers Foundation (SF), including initiator Tenna Shiferaw and secretary Lida Vrij, were able to purchase a fantastic batch of shoes and sportswear from the proceeds of the benefit evening in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia!

We then traveled to Dadu, about 150 km as the crow flies but given the condition of the road it took 6 hours to drive.

In Dadu we were warmly welcomed by the 80 or so children who are accompanied by the SF in their ambitions to become proficient in athletics and football. They were incredibly happy with the shoes and clothing, including a beautiful party of sportswear from Enschede (thanks to Mrs. Riet Schumacher)!

A great sporting event was already prepared by the local administration and the trainers. For two days we were able to fully enjoy the efforts of the athletes, during which great times were set (including the road that Dadu traversed) and we could witness an exciting football match against a football club from a neighboring village, on the grounds of the local primary school. All this with the enthusiastic encouragement of a host of children and other interested people from Dadu.

The athletes could then enjoy a nutritious meal provided by Tenna. They enjoyed the meat of a cow specially slaughtered for this event.

All in all, it was a great experience to be present at this competition and festivities!

On behalf of the children from Dadu: many thanks to you as a sponsor !!

Lida Vrij


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